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Histories and Types of Gleaning

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Histories of Gleaning

Gleaning is not just gathering. For gleaning to be a possibility, there must be agriculture. There must also be the possibility of surplus and of waste. Each of these requirements has a history related to the history of field gleaning in California's Salinas Valley.
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Religious Inspiration

Many church and other religious groups come gleaning. Many individuals site scriptures relating to gleaning. Both the Bible and the Koran make reference to charity, hunger, and gleaning.
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Field Gleaning in Salinas Valley

The Salinas Valley is one of the agricultural "breadbaskets" of this country. Its immensely rich agricultural fields produce hundreds of thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables that are shipped across the country and around the world. Yet even in this breadbasket, there is hunger. One of the most diverse projects to distribute surplus food to the hungry involves gleaning crops from fields after commercial harvesting is finished, crops that would ordinarily be tilled under in preparation for the next planting.
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Local Backyard and Urban Gleaning Projects

Urban agriculture is making a comeback, with victory gardens popping up in backyards all over the country. Urban gleaning projects are also getting more press coverage.
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Small Farmer and Rancher Gleaning

Gleaning is finding what's been cast aside and making use of it. That practice defines many small farmers and ranchers who glean know-how as well as the equipment and resources for their farms and ranches.
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See also: Sustainable Agriculture

Broader Meanings of Gleaning

The terms "gleaning" has been used to characterize practices and movements as diverse as "freeganism", dumpster diving, re-use-and-repair, and found art projects.
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