Gleaning Stories, Gleaning Change

Public Event

The Gleaners

The Gleaners: A Harvest of Stories

15 November 2009, 2—4 pm
at the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas
(Rabobank Agriculture Museum wing)
Organic Snacks

For over a year, the Gleaning Stories Project has been collecting the stories of people of all ages who go into local fields and orchards to salvage vegetables and fruits after the regular harvests. Rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted, these gleaners help Ag Against Hunger get it instead to food banks, soup kitchens, and other food distribution centers.

The Stories

"The Gleaners: A Harvest of Stories" is a free event at the National Steinbeck Center presenting the Gleaning Stories Project to the public through audio and audio/video installations placed throughout the Rabobank Agriculture Museum wing. Visitors will see how gleaners rescue food and hear the rich connections that they make to their childhoods, their current lives, and their hopes for their communities.

Story collectors and gleaners will be on hand to discuss the project and how sharing stories can help nurture and expand communities. Visitors will have a chance to record their own stories and comments.

The event will also offer hands-on experience in exploring the Gleaning Stories website www.gleaningstories.org, the core of the project. Streaming audio recorded in fields and orchards and homes present the voices of over 80 gleaners telling stories of farm life, vivid family anecdotes, and the reasons they glean.

Light organic snacks and juice provided.

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This event is co-sponsored by the National Steinbeck Center.

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