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Finding Connections Among Gleaners' Stories

Finding Connections Between Gleaners' Stories and Reflecting on Connections Gleaners Make

These are some of the connections Gleaning Stories project members have found in the stories on our website. Some of their comments name specific gleaners.
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Donna Haraway

Donna Haraway photo

Donna, one of the Gleaning Stories Project members, is a gleaner. She is also a cultural historian at UCSC who has studied the histories of our connections with our food and the plants and animals we live with. She shares some of the connections she finds between the stories of different gleaners and reflects on the connections the gleaners themselves make between gleaning and their lives, their food, and each other. more ...

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Susan Harding

Susan Harding photo

Susan, one of the Gleaning Stories Project members and a gleaner, finds some of the concepts of her anthropological work — like "secular sabbath", "ritual practice", "boundary crossings", and "pilgrimages", for example — useful in thinking about the practice of gleaning, about gleaners' stories, and about the Gleaning Stories project. Susan is a cultural anthropologist at UCSC. more ...

Listen to Susan's Reflections

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